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Hills Creek State Park Programs Aug 11-16th
August 11, 2017 - August 16, 2017

Find out how well bears are doing in Pennsylvania. From the largest average weights, earlier breeding age to larger average litter sizes our bears exceed...

 8/11 8:30pm
Land Trapping Seminar

This seminar will cover ethics, laws, responsibilities, trap preparation and adjustment, set types, methods, locating sets, trouble shooting, and anchoring...

 8/13 3pm
Return of the Otter and Fisher

These two members of the weasel family were extirpated from PA by logging and unregulated harvest. Learn of their return to our state and how well they are...

 8/13 8:30pm
Effects of Invasive Species on Wildlife at the park

Join park intern, Shania Dauphinais, to learn about how the wildlife in the park is being affected by invasive species. Learn about various invasive species...

 8/16 1pm
Hills Creek State Park
111 Spillway Road, Wellsboro, PA 16901-9676
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