1. US Brig Niagara: our commonwealth flagship was captured by Oliver Hazard Perry. See her when in port in Erie. (Near MM 1N).
  2. Conneaut Lake Park: one of the oldest amusement parks in America. Dare to ride the Blue Streak. (Near MM 13 & 14).
  3. Zippo/ Case Museum: Home of the American iconic lighter Zippo lighters and Case knives. Find out which movies featured the classic Zippo “click”. (North of MM 132 on Rt. 219.)
  4. PA Lumber Museum: Tribute to the lumberjacks and woodhicks who built this country. Explore the renovated CCC camp. (Near MM 187).
  5. Steamtown National Historic Site: Showcases the steam era of American Railroading with a working railyard and roundhouse. Leave time to take a rail excursion to nearby towns. (Near MM 332).
  6. Grey Towers: Ancestral home of the first chief of the US Forest Service, Gifford Pinchot. Be sure to sit at the water table. (Near MM 394).


  1. Hiking and Biking: Get some exercise while exploring the trails in Presque Isle Sate Park (near MM 1N) or along the Pine Creek Rail Trail (near MM 211) voted in the top 10 places to take a bike tour in the world by USA Today.
  2. Boating and Fishing: Enjoy a day on the water in places like the Allegheny Reservior (take Rt. 321 near MM 125) and Lake Wallenpaupack (MM 368)
  3. Wildlife Watching: View the abundant wildlife across Route 6. Two favorites are the ducks that walk on the back of fish at Pymatuning State Park (Near MM 7) and the eagle viewing on the Upper Delaware River (near MM 400)
  4. ATV/ Snowmobile Riding:  Ride across “The Loop” in the Allegheny National Forest (MM 86 – 136) or on the crisp trails of the Susquehannock State Forest (MM 185).
  5. Stroll through our towns: Enjoy small town America with a walking tour of Wyalusing (MM 287) or visit to the artisan shoppes of Honesdale (MM 359 – 360).
  6. Skiing: Glide down the snowy, white trails of Montage Mountain (near MM 332) or Elk Mountain (near MM 330).


  1. Rimrock Overlook: Get a spectacular view from this favorite spot in the Allegheny National Forest. Just a short hike from the road. (take Rt. 321N near MM 125).
  2. Kinzua Bridge State Park: Enjoy the view from the Kinzua Sky Walk, opening in 2011, which allows visitors to walk 560 feet and look through glass panels to see a 221-foot vertical drop into the Kinzua Gorge. (Near MM 136)
  3. PA Grand Canyon: Look down on Pine Creek and up at the eagle’s nest. Make sure to visit both the Leonard Harrison State Park (near MM 221 ) and Colton Point State Park (near MM 211) to get two different views of the gorge.
  4. Troy and Waymart: Marvel at the windmills rising above our mountains in these two towns. Wind energy is just another natural resource being harnessed along the Corridor. (Look for the turbines by MM 239-261 and at MM 348.)
  5. Wyalusing Rocks: Imagine yourself floating down the mighty Susquehanna River or working in the farm fields below as you stand on this overlook (near MM 287).
  6. Tunkhannock Viaduct: Gain a new appreciation for engineering feats as you gaze at the 12 majestic spans of this railroad bridge in the sky. (Near MM 320)