Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park

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Corner of Route 6 and Franklin Street
804 Main Street
Towanda, PA 18848

Business Hours: Outside Park, Open Year-Round for the Public


The Bradford County Veteran’s Memorial Park Association is constructing a site to highlight the traditions and national heritage of our local men and women who have served in our armed forces. This project will stand as a traditional stonework honorarium focusing on those who have served our country from the inception of our nation in 1775 up to and including present day conflicts. Once fully completed, the project will honor those who have defended our sovereignty and kept us safe from harm past, present and future. Our goal is to build a patriotic educational tool cast in granite and bronze which will stand the test of time with minimal maintenance.

·        The membership personnel of the Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park Association are all volunteers with no salaried employees. Their only goal is to serve the veteran community in our county.

·        Partnered with and co-hosted by the Borough of Towanda, the project site is located on Borough owned land, earmarked and donated specifically for this use. All financial management is administered by Towanda Borough in accordance with its fully audited municipal accounting procedures and standards.

·        Upon completion, the park will be a natural complement to the many public improvement and community based projects that have occurred in the County over the last 25 years. These improvements have been the result of a comprehensive revitalization and redevelopment strategy developed by the Local Government to capitalize on the county seats’ rich history and natural resources.

·        Part and parcel yet inseparable in concept, the project includes a parking for use by the general public. Additionally a concrete sidewalk leads to the existing walking trail along the Susquehanna River, up to the Senator Roger A. Madigan Gateway Park, One Progress Center and the nationally registered Towanda Historic District which includes the Towanda Central Business District.

·        Serving as a trailhead, the parking lot and walkway serve a dual purpose providing safe entrance and easy exit from the veterans’ heritage site. Benches, lighting and trash containers will be placed at convenient and necessary locations throughout the area. The park is accessible to the handicapped via ramps and handrails.

·        The park will afford many areas for the general public to relax for lunch, sightsee, meditate, perhaps find a spiritual connection and enjoy family gatherings while walking through this historic landmark facility.

·        In summary, the principle goal of this park is to educate those who may not know the contributions made by our veterans to keep our nation free. The park elicits pride, honor, respect and a sense of awe to those who read the inscriptions on the various monuments and plaques.


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Wyalusing's Middendorf Hotel was the centerpiece of the community from the late 1800's until it was razed in 1984. It once held the distinction of being the region's most frequently photographed building.

The town of Wyalusing is situated near the mouth of the Wyalusing Creek on the Susquehanna River. The original town, called "M'chwihilusing," dates back several centuries. Prior to 1750, the settlement was known as Gahontoto and was inhabited by a native tribe called Tehotachsee. This small tribe was completely exterminated by the Cayugas in wars waged before the Indians knew the use of firearms and fought with bows and arrows.

In 1752, Chief Paupunhank, along with approximately twenty families, built the village of Wyalusing on the ashes of where the destroyed settlement had stood earlier. Their houses, for the most part, were constructed of split logs.

During the Revolutionary War, white settlers in the town sought refuge at the settlement of Wyoming, Pennsylvania. In 1778, Wyalusing was burned to the ground by Indians sympathizing with the British. After the Revolutionary War, the settlers slowly returned to the town.

Through the 1800s, Wyalusing served as a hub for the shipment of logs down the Susquehanna River and grew as a commercial center for the surrounding farms. The Welles Mill Company, established along the Wyalusing Creek in 1820, was a prime reason settlers came to reside in the town and farm the surrounding countryside. The present town is comprised of farmlands once owned by the Gaylord family.

As the town grew, it became a shipping center on the North Branch Canal which followed the Susquehanna River through this region and crossed the Wyalusing Creek by way of an aqueduct. Still later, in the mid-1800s, the railroad was built through this area and Wyalusing became a main shipping point for livestock, grain, lumber and flagstone. The town's business section, which was built mainly between 1820 and the early 1900s has been fortunate in escaping any serious fires such as have swept through other towns in this area. Consequently, the charming, old store fronts still exist today as they were more than a century ago.

Wyalusing was incorporated as a borough in 1887, the same year as the town's newspaper, "The Wyalusing Rocket-Courier," began publication.

In the mid-1920s, Wyalusing became a main shipping center for fresh milk, and the nucleus for a vast dairy industry. The logging industry, after subsiding for a period of time, has again come into prominence in order to meet the supply needs of local timber industries. The Taylor Packing Co., Inc., located just outside the town, is presently one of the largest meat processing industries on the east coast.

Today, Wyalusing is the center of the region's educational system, a large junior/senior high school and several elementary schools. The school district's area, comprising more than 300 square miles, is one of the largest areas in Pennsylvania.

Citizens of Wyalusing are proud of their heritage and take deep pride in their town's history.
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