PA Route 6 Maker’s Market at the PA Heritage Festival

PA Route 6 Maker’s Market at the PA Heritage Festival

The PA Route 6 Alliance and the Endless Mountains Heritage Region (EMHR) are pleased to announce their joint effort to host a Maker’s Market on September 16-17 at the Heritage Village and Farm Museum in Troy in conjunction with the PA Heritage Festival. 

The Maker’s Market will promote regional crafters, artisans, and agricultural producers from a variety of artistic disciplines. Photographers, woodworkers, soap makers, wineries and breweries, and artists of all kinds are invited and encouraged to participate as a vendor in the Maker’s Market. 

The Maker’s Market is an extension of the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail, where northern Pennsylvania’s rich history, diverse regions, and friendly people come together to produce a vibrant culture of craftsmanship and creativity. 

“We are excited to partner with the PA Heritage Festival to provide the opportunity to showcase the talented artisans who live and work within this region,” says Erin Morey, the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail Coordinator. Each year, PA Route 6 publishes a map with the current year’s trail members. The 2023 map, released in April, features more than 90 artisans from across Route 6, which according to Morey is the most members they have ever had on the trail. 

“Our hope is that this Maker’s Market will further enhance and compliment the Artisan Trail experience,” says Morey, “while providing local artisans another opportunity to sell their products.”

“The EMHR is proud to partner with our fellow Heritage Area, the PA Route 6 Alliance, in putting on this Maker’s Market,” says Cain Chamberlin, the executive director for EMHR.  “As part of our agricultural theme of ‘Living with the Land’, we strive to promote our rural culture and connect with those who continue the longstanding tradition of farming in our area. It is our hope this event will not only bring attention to our agricultural heritage and support local businesses along the Route 6 corridor, but also bolster the PA Route 6 Alliance’s Artisan Trail program.” 

The PA Heritage Festival is a weekend-long event jam-packed with Civil War reenactments, demonstrations, and an arts and crafts show. This year it will add the Maker’s Market to a list of attractions the whole family will enjoy. Admission to the festival is free.

“We are looking forward to this year’s festival,” says Barbara Barrett, secretary for the PA Heritage Festival. “We have a couple new additions to the Heritage Village and Farm this year, including the General Store building and exhibit, which opened in April. We always support and enjoy having craftsmen and women at the event, too, and the Maker’s Market is going to be another great addition.”

“This will be a great opportunity for artisans to reach new customers and promote their work,” adds Morey.

All artisans residing within the PA Route 6 corridor or Endless Mountains region are invited to participate in the Maker’s Market. Vendors do not have to be current members of the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail program.

For more information about the Maker’s Market at the PA Heritage Festival and future events throughout the PA Route 6 corridor, visit or by calling PA Route 6 Alliance at 814-435-7706.

The PA Route 6 Alliance, a 501(c3) corporation, was established in 2003 to manage the PA Route 6 Heritage Corridor and to implement branding and marketing plans, community development programs and other planning efforts along the corridor.  The Alliance includes representatives from all 11 counties, 9 convention and visitor bureaus, 4 heritage areas, local development districts, local business owners, Chambers of Commerce, and other interested parties along the corridor.

The PA Route 6 Artisan Trail is a program of PA Route 6 Alliance and PA Route 6 Heritage Corridor funded by the PA Heritage Area Program under the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.