PA Route 6: A Road of Amazing Prospects!

An Amazing Road Full of Amazing Prospects

Spanning one of Pennsylvania’s 12 state-designated Heritage Areas, PA Route 6 connects four regions, 11 counties, and 20 Heritage Communities to tell the captivating story of northern Pennsylvania’s abundant resources and their essential role in our nation’s natural, cultural, and industrial growth.

Amazing Prospects Along PA Route 6

Each county along the Pennsylvania Heritage Corridor brings its own unique “amazing prospects”— significant and alluring sites, landmarks, and attractions that tell tales of oil, coal, timber, and crops. Let’s go on an adventure through the “amazing prospects” of each county along Route 6, from east to west… 

Pike County:

Two presidents, one governor, and a cast of movie stars: Pike County, PA, sure has interesting stories to tell! This county at the eastern end of your PA Route 6 adven­ture takes you back in time and to the heart of the Pocono Mountains’ natural treasures. Begin your journey at Pine County’s Amazing Prospects:

Wayne County:

The first steam train in America ran here, the boom to elect Abraham Lincoln began here, and presidents and kings sought products from here: Wayne County, PA, has inspired many historic moments. Your Wayne County visit will be just as memorable when you start with its Amazing Prospects:


Lackawanna County:

Rolling mountains, small communities, industrial hubs, and bustling shopping districts; Traveling Route 6 through Lackawanna County, PA, takes you on a journey through the progression of America itself. Settled by patriots and forged by immigrants, the region holds fast to its multicultural heritage. Experience the history that runs as deep as the root of America’s industrialization by visiting Lackawanna County’s Amazing Prospects: 


Wyoming County: 

Rolling meadows, Victorian villages, and a history dating back to America’s infancy: Wyoming County, PA, has been attracting travelers since the 1700s! Scenic landscapes and lush farmland hold the story of the area’s first settlers, but the quaint towns entertain abundant history, too. Begin your Wyoming County adventure at its Amazing Prospects:


Bradford County:

In 1771, scores of immigrants settled along the banks of the Susquehanna River in Bradford County, PA. At their new home, they discovered serene landscapes, rolling hills, and endless opportunities. And you’ll still find them over 200 years later, especially at Bradford County’s Amazing Prospects: 


Tioga County:

History and hospitality run deeper in Tioga County than the gorge running through its “Grand Canyon!” In Tioga County, PA, you’ll find endless acres of lush greenery, picturesque 19th-century villages, and plenty of friendly faces. Begin your adventure in Tioga County at its Amazing Prospects:


Potter County:

They call it “God’s Country” and with over a million acres of pristine wilderness and hundreds of miles of trout streams, it’s easy to see why! While traveling through Potter County, PA, you’ll revel in beautiful rolling landscapes dotted with charming country towns. Start your Potter County journey at its Amazing Prospects: 



McKean County:

McKean County is “trail central” in Pennsylvania! Whether traversing landscapes by bicycle or car, or traveling forests by foot or snowmobile, the power of nature and mankind will amaze you in McKean County, PA! Especially when observed at these Amazing Prospects:


Warren County:

“The woods are wonderful, dark, and deep…”, especially in Warren County, PA! From a priceless natural resource to a million-dollar legacy, Warren County boasts an abundance of riches and history. And you’re the one who benefits! Start your Warren County adventure with its Amazing Prospects: 


Crawford County:

Crawford County, PA, boasts a remarkable array of attractions to please every taste and interest, including a vintage train, a century-old amusement park, multiple museums, a dinner theatre, and so many fairs and festivals! Begin your journey through Crawford County at its Amazing Prospects:


Erie County:

The Indians, British, and French waged a bitter battle to control it. American patriots conquered it. A great melting pot of immigrants civilized it. Erie County, PA, has been helping to shape the destiny of our nation since the early 18th century! Start your adventure through Erie County with its Amazing Prospects:


  • The Corry Area Historical Society’s Climax Engine
  • US Brig Niagara & Erie Maritime Museum