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Northern Pennsylvania’s rich history, diverse regions, and friendly people come together to produce a vibrant culture of craftsmanship and creativity. On the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail, you’ll find inspiration, entertainment, education, and great shopping, too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How did the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail get its start? The PA Route 6 Artisan Trail began in 2004 with the goal of raising awareness of the arts and creative industry of the Route 6 Heritage Corridor. The trail now boasts a network of 400+ northern Pennsylvania artisans, creative businesses, cultural organizations, tourism businesses, and arts supporters. Encouraging the success of these artisans and arts organizations has proven to enhance the economy, culture, and quality of life across the region.
  2. What kind of art do artisans create? The Route 6 Artisan Trail includes the highest quality of artisans, but we are far from pretentious in Northern Pennsylvania. We value makers of every style and medium. Artisan Trail members include soapmakers, potters, woodworkers, fiber artists, fine jewelers, handcrafters, painters, and so much more!
  3. Where can I see artisans and their creations? Inspiration can be found in many types of venues along the Route 6 Artisan Trail. Stops along the trail include artists’ studios, fine art galleries, cultural museums, antique shops, craft breweries, community theaters, arts organizations, arts festivals, and more! You can also find participating artisans at our Maker’s Markets. Our Maker’s Markets are also open to non-members. See our Maker’s Market page for upcoming market details.
  4. How do I become a member of the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail? Artisans are selected for the Route 6 Artisan Trail during an Open Membership Period at the end of each year for membership and inclusion on the trail the following year. Visit the Artisan Trail Membership Page for more information and to apply.
PA Heritage Festival

Pennsylvania Heritage Festival

Enjoy two days of hands on activities for all ages and local vendors at the Pennsylvania Heritage Festival in Troy. Walk through the Heritage Village made up of relocated buildings from Bradford County that have been remodeled to their original era! During the festival, actors give living history demonstraions to show old time skills such as sugaring, blacksmithing and more! There’s even a Civil War reenactment.

In 2023, the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail partnered with The Heritage Village & Farm Museum to offer our first Maker’s Market! The Maker’s Market consisted of members of the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail and others. Interested in becoming a vendor at upcoming Maker’s Markets? Click here for more information.

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