Public Art & Mural Trail

Tucked away among the beautiful scenery of the PA Route 6 corridor is a vast collection of creativity and imagination. Sometimes “hidden” in plain sight, other times camouflaged as parts of larger works, dozens of murals and public art pieces are waiting to be discovered. And now we’ve made it even easier for you to locate and appreciate these many exquisite works of art with the PA Route 6 Public Art & Mural Trail.

(Attention mobile users: click on the map to view each mural in the Google Maps app. Also, some murals are so close together that the pins overlap. Scroll in on the map to uncover even more murals and public art pieces along Route 6!)

Connecting Communities Through Art

Since humans have walked the Earth, we have devised ways in which to tell our stories, and murals were some of the first artforms used to do so. Some of the first murals were cave drawings over 40,000 years ago. These murals captured important events in time, traditions of their civilizations, religious ceremonies, and family life.

In the thousands of years since the first murals were created, their purpose is still somewhat unchanged. Although today’s murals often appear on the outside walls of buildings, bridge overpasses, or inside buildings, they still tell stories that celebrate heritage and commemorate important events in our communities and society.

The PA Route 6 Public Art & Mural Trail helps bring many of those stories to life. Have you ever seen a detailed painting on the side of a building or a sculpture in the middle of a town square and wondered about its purpose, meaning, or how the heck it got there? We did, too, so we set out to document some of the many murals and works of art along the PA Route 6 corridor.

The murals located in the Heritage Communities of Carbondale and Union City are just two examples of where historic events have been captured on building walls. In Carbondale, the mural features railroads right alongside UFOs, and if you think there is a story behind that, you are right! And in Union City, the mural on South Main Street introduces viewers to the many influences that have shaped the history of the town.

The PA Route 6 Public Art & Mural Trail offers an immersive experience where viewers can understand and appreciate these works of art individually and as a whole. The trail celebrates the artists who grew their ideas into impressive pieces of art for the enjoyment of generations to come. These works tell the stories of our heritage, our communities, our past, and our future. Enjoy!

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We Need Your Help

Although the Public Art & Mural Trail documents the locations of over 50 murals and public art pieces, we would love to add to add more. If you discover one of these works of art on your travels or in your hometown, please drop us a line at so we can add it to the trail!

Want A High Quality, Meaningful Mural in Your Community?

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