Goals and Strategies

PA Route 6 Alliance · Goals and Strategies

PA Route 6 Alliance’s 6 Areas of Concentration

One of Pennsylvania’s 12 state-designated Heritage Areas, the PA Route 6 Heritage Corridor is managed by the PA Route 6 Alliance with the following 6 areas of concentration


Areas of Concentration


1. Partnerships


2. Education & Interpretation

3. Open Space & Recreation

  • Create and maintain recreational opportunities.
  • Provide technical assistance to enhance the natural character within the Route 6 Corridor.
  • Encourage well-planned development that protects significant natural resources.
  • Seek protection and enhancements of key scenic areas.
  • Establish and maintain Route 6 as a recognizable corridor.
  • Projects:


4. Cultural Conservation

  • Encourage Historic Preservation.
  • Encourage rehabilitation and reuse of older buildings in the Corridor.
  • Create, maintain and improve cultural opportunities.
  • Projects:


5. Tourism Promotion

  • Build awareness of Route 6 as a scenic driving destination.
  • Welcome visitors and make them feel comfortable.
  • Make Route 6 an affordable experience.
  • Projects:

 6. Economic Development

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