Current Projects

Current Projects

All of the projects currently being completed within the PA Route 6 Heritage Corridor are designed to enhance the visitor’s experience, boost the local economy and instill in the resident a sense of place and heritage.

State & National Byway Designation

The PA Route 6 Alliance’s top priority is to obtain Pennsylvania Byways and National Scenic Byways/All American Road designation. Designation as a National Scenic Byway will help highlight the highway’s importance to the history and heritage of the state and country while also raising awareness of the need to maintain and preserve the communities and landscape along the corridor.


PA Route 6 Façade Programs

With the help of partner organizations, such as the PA Wilds, Endless Mountains Heritage Region, and Preservation Erie, the PA Route 6 Alliance is implementing Façade Programs by region across the corridor to fund building improvements projects throughout its communities.


PA Heritage Communities

The designated PA Heritage Communities represent the jewels along PA Route 6. Each community is dedicated to telling its own unique story, enhancing its surroundings, and creating a prosperous economy.


PA Route 6 Artisan Trail

Both an economic and cultural development program, this project encourages visitors to meet local artists and purchase their creations. At the same time, it helps the artist, galleries, shops, and theaters make a living in the beautiful northern tier of Pennsylvania.


Bike Tourism & Bike-Friendly Business Plan

With PA Route 6 named U.S. Bike Route 36 (USBR 36) in 2018, bike tourism and a Bike-Friendly Business Plan have become a primary focus for the Alliance. Initiative objects include educational workshops, a Bike-Friendly Business Program, and identifying 6 Signature Gravel Loops across the corridor.


“Do 6” Mile Marker System

The Mile Marker System was designed as a navigational tool to help travelers locate attractions and businesses within the PA Route 6  Heritage Corridor.


Educational Workshops

The PA Route 6 Alliance schedules workshops and webinars to help communities, organizations, and businesses with their operational and promotional needs.


Tourism Promotion

The PA Route 6 Alliances works with 9 convention and visitor bureaus and countless Chambers of Commerce to provide promotional opportunities for businesses and attractions, including maps and guides, printed and interactive advertising, public relations, and travel press liaison.



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