Now Showing on Route 6

Now Showing on Route 6

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Across US Route 6 in Pennsylvania, there is an abundance of  performing arts venues waiting to be explored, from grand theaters to  small town parks; all offering a different type of experience just as  diverse as the road itself.

The PA Route 6 Alliance is celebrating April  as Artisan Month along the highway by acknowledging some of the unique  places with a commemorative poster and postcard.Titled, “Now Showing on  6”, the poster encourages visitor to “experience the creativity along  the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail.

The places highlighted are:

1. The Warner Theater, home of Erie Arts and Culture.

2. The Dietrich Theater &  Cultural Center in Tunkhannock –the 2017 Artisan of the Year Award  winner.

3. The Rialto Theater in Canton, part of the Bradford County  Regional Arts Council.

4. Bromeley Family Theater & Main Street Movie  House in Bradford.

5. Canaltown Walk-in Outdoor Cinema, Honesdale

6.  Austin Dam Show in Austing –a music festival in the setting of the  Austin Dam ruins.Postcards are available from members of the PA Route 6  Artisan Trail. 

The PA Route 6 Artisan Trail is a program of the PA Route  6 Alliance and the PA Route 6 Heritage Corridor, funded by the PA  Heritage Areas Program under the PA Department of Conservation and  Natural Resources.