PA Route 6 Launching Bicycle Itineraries 

PA Route 6 Launching Bicycle Itinerariesbike pa route 6

In celebration of May being National Bicycle Month, the PA Route 6 Alliance is launching bicycle itineraries for cyclists looking to explore the Route 6 Corridor in a whole new way. These itineraries guide cyclists through some of the best and most scenic riding that PA Route 6 and surrounding areas has to offer.  

With over 400 miles of mostly two-lane road, PA Route 6 is designated as both a state and U.S. Bike Route and is developing into a unique cycling destination. Although there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy history, scenery, small towns, and outdoor excursions, not every cyclist enjoys riding along a heavily traveled road. That’s where the bicycle itineraries help fill a need. 

According to Candace Hillyard, Executive Director at PA Route 6 Alliance, “The past couple of years, we have worked with planners, land managers, Heritage Community representatives, and bike tourism specialists to develop a series of loops that encourage riders to get off the main road to experience more of what this region has to offer. These loops showcase some of the best riding and scenery found in Northern Pennsylvania, and we now have created an itinerary available for each of our 6 Signature Loops.” 

Their “6 Signature Loops” are spread out across various regions of the Route 6 Corridor. Signature Loops were created with advanced riders in mind. These loops traverse some of the corridor’s most challenging riding, averaging around 67 miles per loop with numerous elevation gains. Some of them can be done in a single day, others might require a weekend. However you choose to do it, these loops have something for everyone. 

However, it can be hard to know what riders should expect when selecting a loop just by looking at it on a screen. By launching bicycle itineraries, riders will now have a better sense of the countryside they’ll be pedaling through, the attractions they’ll pass along the way, and where they can stop for certain amenities. Although not extremely detailed, these itineraries help riders be more prepared and inform them of lodging and food options available to them as they explore this region. 

Some regions of PA Route 6 are sparsely populated, and cyclists don’t want to be caught without enough water or food for the trip. Hopefully when cyclists view these itineraries, they’ll be able to plan better for the trip. And, of course, we have also tried to highlight what we feel are some of the unique attractions they can discover along the way. 

Bicycle tourism is a major initiative for PA Route 6 Alliance. In the past two years, they have also launched a Bike Friendly Business Program to encourage businesses to be more accommodating to traveling cyclists. To date, 33 businesses throughout the Route 6 Corridor have joined the program, and you’ll find some of them mentioned in the itineraries, too. 

For more information regarding the new bicycle itineraries and PA Route 6 Alliance’s plan for bike tourism, please contact or call 814-435-7706.