PA Route 6 Artisan Trail Member Directory

Meet the Members of the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail!

From the Great Lakes communities of western Route 6, through the wonderfully wild middle, over the Endless Mountains, and amid the historic towns of the east, creativity abounds across northern Pennsylvania!

Among the PA Rt. 6 Artisan Trail Members (listed below) you will find artists’ studios, art galleries, fine jewelers, museum gift shops, artisan eateries, community theaters, craft breweries and MORE!

Meet the 2023 PA Route 6 Artisan Trail Members:

(from WEST to EAST along PA Route 6)

 PA Wilds Region Artisan Trail Members:

Featured PA Route 6 Artisans

Creek Road Pottery

Blue Heron Artisan Shop

Frosty Hollow Bed & Breakfast + Country Mercantile

Edinboro Chocolaterie